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Candy is active on two fronts

In laboratories and manufacturing plants , where it specifically designs and manufactures washing machines that save energy, water and detergent, and require less energy during production. The energy consumed in the manufacturing plants of the group for the manufacturing of a single domestic appliance has decreaed by 19%. The emissions of co2 (the gas that causes the greenhouse effect and accounts for global warming) have been reduced by 28% (1).

But also in the homes of customers, who are now able to cut their energy expenses because of the greater energy efficiency of the new models of washing machines: as compared to the 1995 models, candy washing machines with a class a energy efficiency consume on average 33% less power (2).

Candy>s washing machines and dishwashers are designed to meet the most demanding washing requirements that vary according to users, besides being «environmentally friendly» and compliant with the most stringent requirements. Grandó has won the plus x award 2006 in germany for being the most environmentally friendly domestic appliance. This level of excellence has been again confirmed in 2007 with the awarding of the first prize of eco topten (3) classification.

Grandó washing machines with capacities of 6 and 5 kg are more economic because they consume a minimum amount of energy as compared to 200 models of 23 manufacturers.

Washing machines for 15 place settings consume the lowest amount of energy and are second in terms of water savings. These results are based on tests carried out by waterwise, a private agency that operates in the uk.

Commitment on behalf of the environment goes beyond products: candy group has in fact subscribed the conduct code issued in 2005 By ceced, the association that groups all european manufacturers of domestic appliances. Candy group guarantees equal opportunities and fair working conditions, which are requirements that must be met also by suppliers, and undertakes also possible initiatives to protect the environment. Results are summarized in the annual social sustainability report that is published on the web site at www.candy-group.Com

There is also another environmental index that applies to companies and users manufacturing or using appliances, which specifies management, operating and lifestyle criteria: the so-called “carbon footprint”, that is the amount of co2 released into the atmosphere by the power stations that produce the energy required for manufacturing, actions, but also the amount released by cars, trains, ships and aircraft used for transportation purposes.

Reducing the carbon footprint is a moral and social duty to which candy group has already subscribed. The reduction of consumption during production and usage of candy>s washing machines has already contributed to the reduction of at least one third of the carbon footprint (4).
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