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How can I have a good preservation of the food in the refrigerator? Here you find some tricks to ward off mold and waste.

How can I have a good preservation of the food in the refrigerator? Here you find some tricks to ward off mold and waste.

Arranging and storing food in the fridge in a proper way can keep them fresh longer: our grandmothers knew it, and they have handed down some simple measures to prevent food waste. Here some tips to prevent mold, odors and rapid decay.

Defeating mould

The ideal way of keeping mould away from fresh food is to always ensure that your refrigerator is clean.  With regards to the contents there are a number of ways to keep the items fresh and mould free:- Mushrooms or salad, wrap them in sheets of absorbent paper.  Fruits and vegetables wash them with water and vinegar and wrap them in paper bags. With regards to apples it is better to keep them out of the fridge or at least away from other foods as this will stop them maturing or deteriorating.

It is essential to keep the refrigerator clean and clear of an ice build up on the interior walls. This will ensure the proper running and maintain the refrigeration temperature.

Some food can be spoilt if refrigerated, for instance exotic fruits, citrus fruits, tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, and courgettes. 

All fruits and vegetables that has yet to mature should be stored at ambient temperature.

Hot dishes need to be cooled down completely before being placed in the refrigerator, this prevents condensation and a sudden rise in temperatures inside the fridge.

Keep all raw food away form cooked food, this will avoid contamination.  Store food in a clean container with a cover.

How to place food in the refrigerator

Food should be stored in the refrigerator depending on they type of food and the temperatures required.  Meat and fish should be kept in coldest part of the fridge, preferable in chiller zone in available.  All frest fish must be gutted and washed and consumed within 24 hours.  With regards to meat, it depends on what type of cut and composition.  

The higher temperatures are ideal for the storage of fruit and vegetables, this is usually in the drawer at the bottom of the fridge, this will prevent there deterioration.

Matured cheese must be kept in the highest part of the fridge to protect for excessive heat or cold.

What do you have to keep in the freezer?

The freezer is ideal for the preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables as frozen food will always last longer then fresh.  Always freeze food in clean containers and label with the name of the food and the date of freezing.

Ensure that cooked food has cooled down before placing in the freezer.  To defrost food place it in the refrigerator until it has thawed.

You can freeze a number of ingredients, such as chopped onions, garlic, herbs.  To keep the herbs for a longer time cover them in olive oil and then freeze.

Always have fresh bread, cut loaf into slices and freeze until you need it.

Remember, if you thawed food can only be frozen once and should be eaten as soon as possible.

Fresh longer

For the best preservation of your foods, keep the temperature of the fridge at around 4-5 C and the freezer at around -18 C.  Place your refrigerator away from a heat source and only open it when necessary, always ensure that the door is closed.